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About Hinku Forum

About Hinku forum

Hinku Forum is network of forerunners established in 2013, which brings together Hinku municipalities, a large group of cleantech companies and experts involved as partners to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at municipal level.

Hinku Forum shares information about best practices, supports the local works of different actors in the municipalities and creates demand for climate-friendly products and services.

Hinku project started with five forerunner municipalities involved in October 2008 and Hinku Forum continues this well started work with municipalities to reduce local carbon emissions, to promote local welfare and to improve the operational precondition of economic life. The Hinku project is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) which is a national environmental research centre under the Ministry of the Environment.

New municipalities, as well as companies from energy and climate sector are welcome to join Hinku-forum. Before joining the project new members have to commit themselves to the Hinku criteria.

Hinku Forum provides:

  •     networking
  •     sharing the information
  •     support the preparation of projects and initiatives
  •     emission calculation services and tools
  •     communication cooperation
  •     visibility of companies’ products and services
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